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2012 Research Programs Schedule


The Science of Male Health
Presented by the AUA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Friday, May 18, 2012
8 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Georgia World Congress Center – A404-405

Program Moderators: Ajay Nangia, MD and Lawrence Ross, MD

Improving knowledge on male health through public awareness, disease prevention and early treatment of health conditions has emerged as an important mission for the AUA and AUAF. Researchers from the CDC will highlight scientific and epidemiological research performed by public health agencies in the male health arena, from biomarkers to occupational health. Basic and clinical translational scientists from the urological community will also present their work as it relates to male health and how this may impact on quality of life and other outcome parameters. This forum is designed to build common grounds and potential collaboration for fellowships and research between scientists, clinicians and public health researchers.

Objectives: After attending this course, participants should be able to:
  • identify the gaps in men's health research and the need for better impact on the public health of men
  • describe the current functions and roles of public health agencies and the research being performed by these agencies that can impact men's health
  • summarize different aspects of men's health research currently being performed
  • demonstrate the common ground between public health and scientific research and the need to encourage collaboration
  8 a.m. Opening Remarks
Lawrence Ross, MD
  8:05 a.m. CDC Overview
Lee Warner, PhD
  8:30 a.m. Q&A
  8:40 a.m. Erectile Dysfunction
Trinity Bivalacqua, MD, PhD
  9:05 a.m. Q&A
  9:15 a.m. Infertility
Dolores Lamb, PhD
  9:40 a.m. Q&A
  9:50 a.m. Biomarkers
Hubert Vesper, PhD
  10:15 a.m. Q&A
  10:25 a.m. Hormonal Carcinogenesis
Shuk-mei Ho, PhD
  10:50 a.m. Q&A
  11 a.m. BPH
Robert Getzenberg, PhD
  11:25 a.m. Q&A
  11:35 a.m. Forging Relationships Within A Cost-Constrained Environment
Ajay Nangia, MD
  Noon Q&A
  12:10 p.m. Closing Remarks
Leo Giambarresi, PhD

Basic Science Symposium: Nanomedicine: Applications in Urology Today
Presented by the AUA, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (JHMI)
Friday, May 18, 2012
1:30 – 7 p.m.
Georgia World Congress Center – A404-405
Travel Awards Are Available For Young Investigators

Understanding how to harness the power and innovation inherent in the field of nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize patient care across the spectrum of urologic diseases including development of approaches to drug delivery, improvement of drug bioavailability, and use of nanoparticles in oncology, particularly in imaging and nanonephrology. The program provides an overview of the field to describe the current state of research via keynote talks from leaders in the field, integrates and discusses the application of the topic to urology research, and explores the translational aspects of the topic. The Program Chairs are Robert Getzenberg, PhD, Director of Urology Research at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Piotr Grodzinski, PhD, Director of the National Cancer Institute Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research.

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  1:30 p.m. Opening remarks and Overview of the Day
Leo Giambarresi, PhD (AUA Foundation)
  1:35 p.m. NCI Nanotechnology Alliance
Piotr Grodzinski, PhD (NCI)
  1:50 p.m. Basic Aspects of Nanoparticles
Edward Garmey, MD (Cerulean Pharma, Inc.)
  2:15 p.m. Q&A
  2:25 p.m. Nanoparticles and Drug Delivery
Alexis Te, MD & Richard Lee, MD (Weill Cornell)
  2:55 p.m. Q&A
  3:05 p.m. Nanoparticles and Imaging
Martin Pomper, MD, PhD (Hopkins)
  3:30 p.m. Q&A
  3:40 p.m. Break
  4 p.m. Nanoparticles as Tools to Specific Heating/Therapy
Steven Curley, MD (MD Anderson)
  4:25 p.m. Q&A
  4:35 p.m. Nano-approaches to Biomarkers
Dong Shin, MD (Emory)
  5 p.m. Q&A
  5:10 p.m. Wrap Up Discussion
Robert Getzenberg, Ph.D. (Hopkins), Moderator
  5:40 p.m. Closing Remarks
Leo Giambarresi, PhD
  5:45 p.m. Networking Reception

Translational Research Symposium: Achieving the Bench to Bedside Paradigm
Presented by the AUA and the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
Friday, May 18, 2012
2 – 5:30 p.m.
Georgia World Congress Center – A412a

Program Moderator: Firouz Daneshgari, MD

Diseases of the genitourinary system involve some of the most common conditions affecting both genders and across all ages, from in-utero to geriatric. Urological diseases encompass a wide scope of illnesses, from benign to malignant, and congenital to acquired, that are treated medically or surgically. Urologic Diseases in America has quantified the burden of urologic diseases on the American public ( Because of the escalations in age-specific incidence and prevalence of risk factors such as obesity and diabetes in a demographically aging US population, there will likely be a dramatic increase in the incidence of urological conditions unless accepted preventive interventions for these disorders are put in place. In comparison to other common conditions however, there is a worrisome paucity of funded grants involving urological diseases. Urologic clinician-investigators and surgeon-scientists are among the fewest in the nation.

Objectives: After attending this course, participants should be able to:
  • enhance the environment and promote translational research activities at the annual meeting of the AUA
  • promote and encourage surgeon-scientists career tracks among urologists and allied professionals
  • stimulate and create connection between existing funded investigators and the next generation of potential investigators
  • introduce an ongoing research preceptorship program for enhancing the number of high quality investigators in urology
  2 p.m. Welcome and Introductions
Johannes Vieweg, MD
  2:15 p.m. Path of Discovery in Clinical Sciences and Surgeon-Scientist as a Career Choice
Firouz Daneshgari, MD
  2:35 p.m Concept Creation; Collaboration; and Grant Submission: Opportunities and Challenges
  Translational Research
Anthony Atala, MD and Firouz Daneshgari, MD
  Health Services Research
Jennifer Anger, MD and J. Quentin Clemens, MD
  Clinical Trials Research
Michael Albo, MD and Toby Chai, MD
  3:45 p.m. Panel Discussion: How Can We Best Achieve the Bench to Bedside Paradigm?
Moderator: Anthony Atala, MD

Dipen Parekh, MD
Tom Lue, MD
Michael O'Donnell, MD
  4:30 p.m. Roundtable sessions with Mentors, Collaborators & NIH Officers
Robert R. Bahnson, MD
David Bloom, MD
Deborah Hoshizaki, PhD
Christopher Mullins, PhD
Tracy Rankin, PhD
Hunter Wessells, MD
Ziya Kirkali, MD
  5:30 p.m. Adjourn/Social Tea

The Science of Female Pelvic Health
Presented by the AUA; The Society for Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine and Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU); and the International Continence Society (ICS)
Saturday, May 19, 2012
8 a.m. – Noon
Georgia World Congress Center – A411-412b

Female pelvic health broadly covers many clinical entities such as urinary incontinence (UI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). In order to better treat these conditions, a more complete understanding of the basic biology related to these conditions is required. In this scientific session, panelists will present basic science findings related to physiology of female urethral function, response of detrusor smooth muscle to urethral outlet obstruction and biologic response of host to synthetic meshes. Additionally, winners of the essay contests from the 2012 Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology (SUFU) meeting and the 2011 International Continence Society (ICS) meeting will present their findings. At the end of this session, the participants will:

  • Learn about current knowledge related to physiology of female urethral function
  • Learn about response and regulation of detrusor smooth muscle in response to outlet obstruction
  • Learn about biologic responses to meshes
These topics are all germane to the evaluation and/or treatment of female patients with UI and POP. A fundamental understanding of the biology underlying these disorders and the patients' responses to treatment will advance the care of female patients with pelvic health conditions.

  8 a.m. Opening Remarks
Moderator: Toby C. Chai, MD
  8 – 9 a.m. 2012 SUFU Annual Meeting Essay Winners and 2011 ICS Basic Science winners
Moderator: Sender Herschorn, MD
  9 – 10 a.m. What We Know and Don't Know About Female Urethral Function
Speakers: John O.L. DeLancey, MD and Gunnar Lose, MD
Moderator: Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD
  10 – 11 a.m. Detrusor Smooth Muscle Contractility and Response to Urethral Outlet Obstruction in Females
Speakers: Paul H. Ratz, PhD and Paul Dolber, PhD
Moderator: Samuel K. Chacko, DVM, PhD
  11 a.m. – Noon Biologic Response to Synthetic Meshes
Speakers: Pamela A. Moalli, MD, PhD and Mike Hiles, PhD
Moderator: Bertha Chen, MD

Sunday, May 20, 2012

AUA Research Forum: Showcasing Young Investigators
Sunday, May 20, 2012
3 – 5:30 p.m.
Georgia World Congress Center – A305

  3 p.m. Young Investigators Poster Session
  3:30 p.m. Forum Program Introduction
Johannes Vieweg – AUA Research Council Chair
  3:35 p.m. Validation of a Cell-cycle Progression Gene Panel to Improve
Risk Stratification in a Contemporary Prostatectomy Cohort
Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH - University of California - San
  3:45 p.m. Identification of Novel Prostate Cancer Biomarkers using
Mass Spectroscopy
Adam Feldman, MD, MPH – Massachusetts General Hospital
  3:55 p.m. Use of Optoelectronic Tweezers to Guide Sperm and Embryo
Selection for In-vitro Fertilization: The Evolution of Novel
Complementary Strategies to Improve IVF Outcomes
Maurice Garcia, MD - University of California - San Francisco
  4:05 p.m. Maturation of Bladder – External Urethral Sphincter Coordination
Hsi-Yang Wu, MD – Stanford University
  4:15 p.m. Development of a Disease-Specific Instrument to Measure
Stone Formers' Health-related Quality of Life
Kristina Penniston, PhD – University of Wisconsin
  4:25 p.m. Adiponectin as a Tumor Suppressor and Metabolic Modifier:
Role in Kidney Cancer and Link to Obesity as a Risk Factor
Jehonathan Pinthus, MD, PhD – McMaster University
  4:35 p.m. Clinical and Molecular Features of Men with Metastatic Prostate
Cancer Following Radical Prostatectomy
Ashley Ross, MD, PhD – Johns Hopkins University
  4:45 p.m. Male Chronic Pelvic Pain is Associated with the Presence of
IFN-y Expressing CD4+T Cells in the Prostate
Praveen Thumbikat, DVM, PhD – Northwestern University
  4:55 p.m. Transcriptional Repression by Androgen Receptor in
Prostate Cancer
Jindan Yu, MD, PhD – Northwestern University
  5:05 p.m. AUA Foundation Research Activities
Leo Giambarresi, PhD – AUA Director of Research
  5:25 p.m. Presentation of Awards
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