Exhibitor Function Requests and Guidelines

Exhibitors at the AUA Annual Meeting are permitted, with written AUA approval, to hold ancillary "exhibitor-sponsored" events during the Annual Meeting. Exhibitors who wish to request AUA approval to hold such a function may do so via the "Exhibitor-Sponsored Event Approval Form". This form must be submitted to Helen Hahn, AUA Convention and Meetings, no later than March 5, 2012.

AUA also offers its assistance to exhibitors who wish to secure meeting space at AUA hotels for their exhibitor-sponsored events. Space reserved through AUA will be available at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center (co-headquarter), and Atlanta Marriott Marquis (co-headquarter). Hotels will not reserve meeting rooms/function space to any group without prior AUA approval.

To request meeting space through AUA, exhibitors must complete and submit the "Exhibitor Function Space Request Form." Requests for space shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis beginning in December 2011. The "Exhibitor Function Space Request Form" must be submitted to Helen Hahn no later than March 5, 2012. If you request meeting space via the Exhibitor Function Space Request Form, you do not need to complete the Exhibitor-Sponsored Event Approval Form for the same function.

If you wish to have meeting space located in the AUA Science and Technology Hall at the Georgia World Congress Center, ExpoLounges provide perfectly located meeting rooms only steps away from your booth. These private suites are built for exhibitors to entertain healthcare professionals and can double as a staff meeting room away from the main traffic of your exhibit booth. For more information, contact exhibits@AUAnet.org.

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Please note: Before you can submit your form(s), you must acknowledge that you have read and understand the Exhibitor Function Guidelines.

For additional information, contact:
Helen Hahn, Convention & Meetings Coordinator

  1. Types of Meetings

    Exhibitors may, with prior AUA approval, hold certain types of exhibitor-sponsored events during the AUA 2012 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA, from Friday, May 18 through Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Types of permitted meetings include:
    1. Staff/Company Meetings:
      These meetings are limited to staff of the exhibiting company and may not include attendees.
    2. Social Functions:
      Social functions are considered receptions, dinners, etc., where there are no educational activities.
    3. Advisory Board/Investigator Meetings:
      Advisory board and investigator meetings are for investigators, prospective investigators and industry representatives to network and share the latest scientific data on clinical trials. These events are always by invitation only and not open to all conference attendees. Attendance is limited to 40 participants.
    4. Focus Group Meetings:
      A focus group meeting includes fewer than 30 participants, is targeted to a specific group of attendees, and designed to obtain specific data. These events are always by invitation only and not open to all conference attendees.
    5. Permissible Educational Events:The AUA also allows "Permissible Educational Events," which are special events created for industry sponsorship by AUA. These events are of limited availability and must be reserved through AUA. Your program application for these events will suffice as your Exhibitor-Sponsored Event Approval Form. These events may begin at 6:30 p.m.

    Examples of "Permissible Educational Events" include:

    • Satellite Symposia:
      Satellite Symposia are strictly educational meetings that offer CME credit and a modest meal as defined by the American Medical Association guidelines. The AUA does not provide CME credit for these events; however, designation of AMA PRA Category 1™ credit is required. A support fee is attached to this event and additional benefits accompany this opportunity. For more information on this program, contact Mikayla Barlett at mbarlett@AUAnet.org.
    • Industry Scientific Updates:
      The Industry Scientific Update is an opportunity for AUA exhibitors to hold invitation-only, closed industry-sponsored educational events for a limited number of participants. These events can be held during evening hours from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday during the Annual Meeting. These events are private and will not be promoted to Annual Meeting attendees. For more information, contact Kevin Wohlfort at sponsorships@AUAnet.org.
    • Industry Clinical Update Theater/Evening Clinical Updates:
      A limited number of slots will be available for industry to discuss new products and services and the latest in data and research findings to meet your patients needs at the Industry Clinical Update Theater. Programs are held during exhibit hours in the Science & Technology Hall.
    • Industry Clinical Update Theater Evening Programs:
      Industry Clinical Update Theater Evening Programs will be available beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings. These programs are open to all Annual Meeting attendees and will be promoted by AUA along with the Industry Clinical Update Theater programs in the Science & Technology Hall. Space for these programs is available in both the Convention Center and AUA hotels. For more information, contact Kevin Wohlfort at sponsorships@AUAnet.org.
    • Note: With the exception of AUA-approved "Permissible Educational Events," the AUA does not permit the development or implementation (in any media form) of symposia, educational activities or special programs supported by commercial firms, organizations, third-party firms or universities that are directed toward meeting attendees at any time during the Annual Meeting. Competing educational functions of any kind will not be allowed during the AUA Annual Meeting (Friday, May 18 through Wednesday, May 23). The AUA reserves the right to attend all ancillary meetings without notice. Violators of this policy will jeopardize their ability to participate in future AUA annual meetings.

    The content of "Permissible Educational Events" should not duplicate content presented in AUA-sponsored educational programs.

  2. Date and Time Restrictions for Exhibitor-sponsored Events
    Exhibitors may conduct approved functions ONLY on "open industry nights" during the AUA Annual Meeting. Open Industry Nights during AUA 2012 Atlanta are: Friday, May 18; Saturday, May 19; Monday, May 21; and Tuesday, May 22. Events may begin no earlier than 7:30 p.m., including transportation time, with the exception of Permissible Educational Events.
  3. AUA Speaker/Faculty Guidelines
    As recommended by the AUA Education Council, the AUA Board of Directors has approved guidelines regarding speaker/faculty participation at industry exhibits or functions during the AUA Annual Meeting as follows:
    1. Key AUA Leadership is not permitted to participate in industry-sponsored programs of any kind. Key leadership includes the AUA Board of Directors, Chair of Education, Editor of The Journal of Urology®, Chair and Vice Chair of Health Policy, Chair of Coding and Reimbursement Committee, Chair of Practice Guidelines Committee, and Chair of Judicial and Ethics Committee.
    2. Plenary Session participants may not speak at an industry exhibit booth, Industry Scientific Update Program*, or Official AUA Non-CME Industry Program** during the official days of the Annual Meeting. A pre-taped video presentation at an exhibit booth is acceptable. Plenary Session participants are allowed to present data at AUA press conferences at the Annual Meeting.
    3. Program Moderators, Course/Program Directors and Course/Program Faculty may not speak at an industry exhibit booth or at an Industry Scientific Update Program*. A pre-taped video presentation at an exhibit booth is acceptable.
    4. Presentations may be made at Official AUA Non-CME Industry Programs**, provided the following criteria are met:

      • Proper disclosure of any relationship the presenter has with the supporting company
      • The presentation is original and not duplicated during the official AUA Annual Meeting
      • The presentation is based on scientific principles that are generally accepted as valid by the urology profession
    5. Podium Presenters, Poster Presenters, Abstract Authors, Abstract Co-Authors, and Lunch & Learn Faculty may speak at an industry exhibit booth and Official AUA Non-CME Industry Programs** (provided these presentations conform to the criteria as referenced above). A pre-taped video presentation at an exhibit booth is acceptable.

    Faculty Role

    May give a live
    presentation at
    an exhibit booth
    in the Science
    & Technology Hall

    May appear in a
    pre-taped video
    at an exhibit booth

    May give a live
    presentation at
    an Industry
    Scientific Update

    May give a live presentation at an Official AUA Non-CME Industry Program **

    Key AUA Leadership NO NO NO NO
    Plenary Presenter NO YES NO NO
    Plenary Moderator NO YES NO NO
    Plenary Participant NO YES NO NO
    Podium Session Moderator NO YES NO YES
    Poster Session Moderator NO YES NO YES
    Video Session/Program Moderator NO YES NO YES
    Course/Program Director NO YES NO YES
    Hands-on Course Director NO YES NO YES
    Course Faculty NO YES NO YES
    Hands-on Course Faculty NO YES NO YES
    Poster Session Presenter YES YES YES YES
    Podium Session Presenter YES YES YES YES
    Abstract Author YES YES YES YES
    Abstract Co-Author YES YES YES YES
    Lunch & Learn Faculty YES YES YES YES

    *Industry Scientific Update: a non-official, non-CME industry program held in conjunction with the AUA Annual Meeting. These programs are invitation only, are limited in the number of participants, and are not promoted by AUA as part of the non-CME educational programming.
    **Official AUA Non-CME Industry Program: Includes Industry Clinical Update Theater and Evening programs, as well as Skills Enhancement Workshops. Does NOT include satellite symposia (which are eligible for CME credit), or other industry programs such as Industry Scientific Updates. These programs are promoted as part of the non-CME Science & Technology Hall educational programming.

  4. Promotional Materials
    The AUA does not co-sponsor exhibitor programs. Announcements and/or invitations must clearly indicate the name(s) of the sponsor(s) and/or exhibitor(s). Proposed copy for announcements and invitations must be submitted to the AUA Corporate Relations Department for review prior to printing. Announcements and invitations may include the AUA Annual Meeting logo only (never the AUA corporate logo) with prior written permission; forward promotional materials to Kevin Wohlfort at sponsorships@AUAnet.org.
  5. Responsibility for Charges and Services
    Any and all charges for services levied by the hotels or other venues are the responsibility of the function sponsor. AUA is not responsible for payment for any services connected with the event. AUA has no authority over any service charges, rental fees, food & beverage minimums, set-up fees, labor contracts, etc., that are required by any venue.
  6. Compliance with Exhibitor Function Guidelines
    It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to distribute copies of this information to the appropriate company personnel and/or any agents, representatives or contractors involved in planning activities at the AUA Annual Meeting. The Exhibitors requesting space or approval to hold an event are responsible for the actions of their employees and/or agents and will be expected to follow all rules and guidelines outlined in the "Exhibitor Function Guidelines." Groups occupying space in the hotels must provide appropriate staff to coordinate all such activities.

    Functions found to be in violation of these Guidelines shall be immediately discontinued. The Exhibitor waives any rights to claims of damages arising out of the enforcement of these Guidelines. The AUA reserves the right to attend any exhibitor-sponsored function without notice. Violators of this policy will jeopardize their ability to participate in future AUA annual meetings.

    All matters and questions not covered by the above guidelines are subject to the discretion of AUA. These AUA guidelines may be amended at any time by AUA, and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties. In the event of any amendment or addition to these guidelines, written notice will be given by AUA to such parties. The Exhibitor shall protect, indemnify, hold harmless and defend AUA, its officers, directors, agents and employees against all such claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of litigation; provided that the foregoing shall not apply to injury, loss or damage caused by or resulting from the negligence of AUA, its officers, directors, agents or employees.
  7. Forms
    Once you have submitted your request, please do not attempt to make changes by submitting a new form. If you need to make changes to your function, please contact Helen Hahn at hhahn@AUAnet.org. Remember to print a copy for your records.
    1. Function Space Request Form (For exhibitors who wish to secure meeting space at AUA hotels for their events)
    2. Function Approval Only Form (For exhibitors who wish to obtain AUA approval, but will secure meeting space on their own)
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