2012 History Exhibit: Skeletons in the Closet

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Skeletons in the Closet: Indignities and Injustices in Medicine
Booth #1515 in Science & Technology Hall

The William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History 2012 history exhibit, Skeletons in the Closet: Indignities and Injustices in Medicine, illustrates controversial areas of medicine that ultimately brought about an improvement in patient care. It raises questions about the development of modern medical ethics, explores the reasons behind human experimentation, and examines the historical context that allowed such atrocities as vivisection, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, and Nazi medical research.

Join us for these engaging talks:

2 p.m. Skeletons in the Closet: Indignities and Injustices in Medicine
Rainer Engel, MD and Michael Moran, MD
4 p.m. Panel Discussion on the Exhibit, moderator Sutchin Patel, MD
Ronald Rabinowitz, Sara Spettel, Michael Moran, Rainer Engel
10 a.m. Sacrifices of Science: The Ancient Physician Herophilos and his Vivisections
Franz Josef Marx, MD
Noon Misadventures in the Evolution of Transfusion Medicine
Ronald Rabinowitz, MD
2 p.m. The Rejuvenation Cure
Erwin Rugendorff, MD
10 a.m. The Haunt of Tuskegee and the Struggle of U.S. Physicians to Recognize and Apologize for the Fatal Flaws of the Study
Peter Tiffany, MD
Noon Urologists as Victims of Anti-Semitic Persecution in Nazi Germany
Matthis Krischel, Medical Historian
  1 p.m. The Life and Urologic Contributions of Abraham Colles (1773-1843)
Zachary Klaassen
  1:10 p.m. From Priapus to Priapism
Apostolos P. Labanaris
  1:20 p.m. Syphilic Experiments on Guatemalan Men — Another Skeleton in the Closet of US Public Health Service
Sakti Das
  1:30 p.m. Self Experimentation and Self Sacrifice to Advance Science: The True Tales of John Hunter and Werner Forssmann
Steven Brandes
  1:40 p.m. "Discovery is our Business. Make Damn Good Discoveries ": The Scientific and Medical Contributions of Dr. Charles Huggins Outside Urology
Shutsung Liao
  1:50 p.m. Urological Instruments in the 10th Century—Contributions of Albucasis, the Sheikh of Surgery
Fahd Khan
  2 p.m. Sounds and Charrière: The Rest of the Story
Diana K. Bowen
  2:10 p.m. Eugenic Sterilization in the USA: The Dark Ages of Vasectomy
Jonathan Melquist
  2:20 p.m. Pernkopf and the Blind Eye
Jerry Greenberg
  2:30 p.m. The Evolution of the Condom: Goats Bladder to Rubber Latex
Fahd Khan
  2:40 p.m. Urological practices in the Ancient Americas
Seshadri Sriprasad
  2:50 p.m. 2011 AUA Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Award: Sutchin Patel for "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Teaching the History of Urology"
  3 – 4 p.m. Bicknell Lecture: Medicine in the Nazi Era: What Turned Healers into Killers?
Patricia Heberer, Ph.D.
Historian, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies
Matthew K. Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP
Director, Institute for Ethics and Center for Patient Safety
American Medical Association
  4 p.m. Celsus and Catheters: Urology in Imperial Rome
Spencer Kozinn
  4:10 p.m. Rising from the Ashes of Atrocities in Human Research: The Development of Institutional Review Boards
Sutchin R. Patel
  4:20 p.m. German Urology under National Socialism
Matthis Krischel
  4:30 p.m. Paul Rosenstein (1875 -1964): The Disrupted Biography of a Urologist Between Germany and Brazil — New results from the German Research Project
Friedrich Moll
  4:40 p.m. Lord Joseph Lister the "Father of Antiseptic Surgery"
Aruna Nandasena
  4:50 p.m. Kidneys for Sale – A Crime or a Potential Answer to the Donation Deficit?
Heather McCaffrey
  5 p.m. Piss Flowers, Piss Christ, and Piss Paintings—The Use Of Urine In Art
Genoa Ferguson
  5:10 p.m. Discovery of Cis-platinum: Success Story of a Model Urological Chemotherapy Agent
Amrith Rao
  5:20 p.m. Dr. Roswell Park, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Contribution to Urology
Amrith Rao
10 a.m. Phytopharmacological Sterilization Experiments in Nazi Germany
Friedrich Moll, MD
Noon Eugenics and Forced Sterilization in California from 1909 to 1979
Sarah Blaschko, MD
2 p.m. Medical Murders and Mayhem
Michael Moran, MD


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